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Much has changed over the years in the field of education: curricula have evolved and educational trends have come and gone. We have weathered these changes while remaining true to our core mission, which is to create empowered learners with the foundational skills, intellectual curiosity and self-advocacy to achieve their goals. We also believe that education is fundamentally a collaborative process grounded in ongoing dialogue amongst students, parents and teachers. We keep all of these values at the forefront in crafting a super engaging and helpful educational app – HYRA ONLINE EDUCATION APP

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Knowledge. Communication. Flexibility. Patience. Encouragement.
Our tutors bring all of this and more to each and every session.

We understand that students learn best when they are supported, inspired and understood. We thus work closely with parents in determining the most complementary fit between student and tutor. Our tutors are subject specialists, many with post graduate degrees and teaching certification, and all exhibit the critical balance between academic expertise and the qualities that underpin effective tutoring: strong interpersonal and communication skills and a sincere commitment to students and their learning. Our team of tutors has extensive experience working with a variety of curricula—including the state, central & International —and are carefully trained in supporting students preparing for all streams of entrance exams.

Our tutors invest in their students, take pride in their progress and support them in moving, one crucial step at a time, towards their goals, whether that be mastering their school exams or acing tomorrow’s entrance exams. Our tutors ignite the spark for learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Features of HYRA App

Partnering with you to show your child what they are really, truly capable of.

Our online classes are organized to make learning as convenient and effective as possible. HYRA ONLINE EDU APP is the perfect platform that enables students to reach their goals faster and get real results without leaving their homes. Our tutors provide the exact resources for your curriculum including comprehensive support for Competitive entrance exams.


We Made Exams Easier

  • The students will become experts even in the small areas of the topics thereby in subjects.
  • The parents can see the developments and the way their kids are becoming subject experts in front of them with proof.
  • The parents will have an idea about the syllabus and topics the kids have to cover and how they have to study.
  • The regular work out on assessment sheets will give much confidence and tactics to achieve full score in the exams.
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HYRA Online Education App
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